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Financial Planning is a continuous process in which we assist you in defining your goals, estimating the cost of your goals and preparing a plan - create a simple flowchart - to achieve the same.

Say - You Want To Win A Marathon:

  • Will you analyse your strengths and weakness and practice accordingly or will you do no practice and directly run a marathon?
  • In which scenario are your chances of winning better?
  • Obviously, practice. This is what a financial Plan does. It makes your success inevitable

Say - Physical Journey From Vadodara to Chennai:

  • At a junction, we are confused whether to take a right-handside turn or left-handside turn.
  • Use Google maps or ask someone on the roadside because we don’t want to risk getting lost and losing time

Say - Financial Journey From neck-deep in debt to financial freedom:

  • When in debt or no money on hand, you get confused what to do and don’t know fool-proof system to get out of the situation.
  • You take unnecessary risks to get out of the situation. You are losing time because you aren’t aware of the stark consequences it has.

Why Is Financial Planning Important?

Financial planning works on goals. Goals should be SMART.

  • Specific- It helps you clearly define your goals.
  • Measurable–It tells you amount required when you really need it in the future.
  • Achievable – There should be sufficient investment and time to achieve them.
  • Realistic – Goals should be convincing.
  • Time bound - Determining time frame to achieve them.
  • Steps to accumulate your goal amounts.
  • Sufficient insurance cover in all aspects.
  • Recommend investments to best suit your goals
  • Periodic portfolio review and recommendations from the expert to meet changing conditions.
  • You can streamline income, expenses and investment. Thus you will have a control over your finances.
  • You can focus on your goals – save your attention from wavering - to ensure their fulfillment.

This is what a financial plan does for you.

  • It will tell you where you currently stand financially.
  • What steps you must take to reach your goals.
  • Periodically review, rebalance and if necessary, reconstruct your portfolio to benefit from the new developments.
  • You can visualize what can happen if you choose to continue without making any changes

A financial plan is the best tool to gain control over your finances immediately