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Insurance is a contract of indemnity. The insurer agrees to pay the a certain sum of money either on the happening or the non-happening of a certain event. Insurance is an important step in the financial planning process to stop huge losses. It is a defensive measure and offers peace of mind to the family.

If you have existing insurance arrangements, it is important to realise that both over-insuring and under-insuring can be costly. Your authorised planner will review these arrangements and ensure that you are appropriately & adequately Insured.

The lost earnings can be experienced with the death, disability, estate settlement costs and its clear impact is seen on the financial well being. By seeking the insurance planning assistance one can receive extensive relief in one’s overall financial status. Planning for covering all possible risks through insurance always turns out to be fruitful as well as satisfactory for each one of us.

Let us separate insurance and investment. Insuranceis for replacement of income or expenses. It is related to the financial value of our human life and so it is not an investment tool. Consider insurance planning as an absolute tool towards the overall financial planning for weath prevention. Everyday we remain busy, eat food and drink wherever available. Life remain unpredictable due to uncertain jobs, risks involved on and off the job, pollution and heavy traffic. We live under fear of personal accident, critical illness, disability and even death.Thereare lingering chances of loss of income. So let us have absolute peace of mind for the welfare of our families through an effective insurance planning technique

Our Insurance recommendations include Insurance For:

Life insurance is important for business owners because it can help protect the business from financial loss, liabilities or instability in the case of an owner or business partner's death.

We help you accomplish your dreams uninterrupted even if there are unforeseen health problems in your family.

The purpose of life insurance is to cover the risk of early death and the purpose of Health Insurance is to act as a cushion against hospitalisation expenses.

The conversation about life insurance for a child can lead to a flood of emotions. That is the very reason it is so important to provide for this in your financial plans.