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Welcome to Grow Rich Investment Plus, the place where happy wealthy families are created.

There are many highly educated people, of which 87% are financially illiterate. Some of them are financially broke people that exposes weakness of college curriculum.

I am here D.G. Patel, a Certified Financial Planner, certified by Financial Planning Standard Board USA; a distributor recognised by AMFI and IRDAI; an investment advisor certified by ICFAI and a retirement advisor certified by PFRDA. But what energize me the most to discuss about goal based on financial planning is that I had been VERY stupid with money to an extent that once I lost all my bank balance.

In FY 2000, I joined my fabrication business with my business partner after working 15 years in a lucrative job in Dubai. But my partner cheated me, so on the day of retirement from the partnership in 2006, my bank balance became zero and my age was 56. Fortunately responsibilities of education and marriage of my sons were over. I always believed myself expert in financial matters, but found in the serious mess.

I analyzed my past investment track record. Financial difficulties pushed me in the financial field, which provided me the big opportunity to serve our society. I realized that a professional who is qualified as Certified Financial Planner make more sense in financial planning than a layman. From this conclusion, I decided to be a Financial Planning Solutions Provider for the people who need them. I realized that bad investments create serious problems to people due to lack of knowledge and time, overconfidence etc. So I decided to pursue my future career as Financial Planner to help people with Integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentiality, professionalism and diligence.

I studied very seriously to understand personal financial planning. I believe to be sincere and loyal with my words. I love transparency. I update my knowledge regularly.

I know what it feels like when to pay Credit Card dues and have no bank balance.
I know what it feels like when invested in partnership business with a bad partner.
I know what it feels like when invested all the earned money in one place.

So, what qualifies me the most is – Educational qualification, experience with the money I invested and variety of investments of our clients. Therefore, I know all that clients can avoid doing wrong and all that they should do right.

We help clients to achieve their Financial goals with effective and smart investment planning.We offer comprehensive financial advisory services. We use our knowledge of insurance, tax laws, mutual fund, PMSand fix deposits combined with human psychology and risk appetite in order to suggest investment options as per their short term, medium term and long-term goals. Our core purpose is to provide the best financial solutions & thereby make people enjoy a secured happy life.