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Welcome to grow rich investment plus, the place where happy, wealthy families are created. There are many highly educated people, of which 87% are financially illiterate. Some of them are financially broke people that exposes weakness of college curriculum. I am here D.G. Patel, a certified financial planner, certified by financial planning standard board USA; a distributor recognised by amfi and irdai; an investment advisor certified by itself and a retirement advisor certified by pride. But what energize me the most to discuss about goal based on financial planning is that I had been very

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a continuous process in which we assist you in defining your goals, estimating the cost of your goals and preparing a plan - create a simple flowchart

Retirement Planning

With the growing complexity of retirement, more and more people are getting concerned about retirement and its planning. Once you have passed

Education Planning

Educational planning is the activity which allows the public authorities to orient educational development, set priorities in consultation with other actors,

Insurance Planning

Insurance is a contract of indemnity. The insurer agrees to pay the a certain sum of money either on the happening or the non-happening of a certain event.

Estate planning

Estate planning is the act of preparing for the transfer of a persons wealth and assets after his or her death. Assets, life insurance, pensions,

Tax Planning

Paying taxes is our duty – We cannot completely do away with taxes but we can surely reduce them to a great extent. Each year,

We Begin With The End In Mind !

Welcome to Grow Rich Investment Plus,

the place where happy wealthy families are created.

I Am here D.G. Patel, A Certified Financial Planner, Certified By Financial Planning Standard Board Usa; A Distributor Recognised By Amfi And Irdai; An Investment Advisor Certified By Icfai And A Retirement Advisor Certified By PFRDA.

Create a perfect goal

Give shape to your investments with our powerful tools & invest now.


We keep transparency in all our dealings with our clients. We voluntarily disclose all material facts and conflicts of interest if any in fair and transparent manner to them.


We listen financial problems of our clients, weed out wants and find out the needs. For solution, first we determine their SMART goals and then execute investments and insurance to achieve them.


We are Certified Finanncial Planner and have experience of personal finance since 2006. We keep updated ourselves with the required knowledge and skills to provide expert recommendations

Meet Our Members

Our Team consists of 1 Certified Financial Planner,1 Financial Advisor, 1 mutual fund distributor and 2 managers.

Our clients love “What-Why-How strategy” as it easily separae wants from needs, finds the goals and focus on how to achieve them. We always strive for honesty to exceed expectations of our clients !”

Suraj Rathva

Vaishali Darji

Sitaben Patel

A Financial Plan is as important as Google Map

" A ROADMAP is necessary for sailing safely through unknown places where you have never gone before. Same is for unknown future. Financial Planning is a creation of the ROADMAP. Follow it religiously with patience to achieve financial goals, because future is unknown. A financial plan is the best tool to gain control over their finances. Just do it! Make a plan NOW "