What Is The Roadmap of Happy Life?

We wish you Happy Life. In reality, most of the people forget the thumb rule that they cannot reach to the prosperity until they plan for it. God has given all of us the same 24 hours in a day, but most of us cannot achieve their financial goals.


The Difference Is “Financial Plan”.

People go out of home for jobs, picnic etc. We have noticed that many people come back to home to pick up the forgotten things. You can pick those forgotten things in this case. But if you found at the age after 50 that you have not saved enough funds for your retirement, can you become a youth of age 30 and start investing again? The answer is “No”.

We would like to share our vision of helping each person having a written Financial Plan in hands which will cover the financial goals like children’s education & marriage planning, wealth building, retirement planning etc with complete cash flow, emergency funds, adequate health & life insurance planning etc. Apart from that we will offer clear suggestions on how much money to allocate for goals and which financial products to be invested in. This financial plan will act as a powerful tool that can create clarity & consistency in your actions.


THE Contents of Your Financial Plan:


ü  Retirement Plan with Pension Cash Flow

ü  Children education planning with protection

ü  Children marriage planning with protection

ü  Emergency fund planning

ü  Check health and life insurance adequacy

ü  All goal planning with recommendations

ü  Income and expenses with bifurcation

ü  Networth and your financial health ratios

ü  Current asset allocation analysis

ü  Asset allocation recommendation

ü  Assistance for “Will” creation

ü  Assistance for “Trust” creation


You Plan Most Things In Life, Even A Picnic. Why Not Plan Finances?

It is really true that as individuals, we still give very little thought to financial planning in our early years, and when we are enough late facing harsh realities, we are forced to make unpleasant adjustments like disrespect among family members, cuts in needs, live in misery, get part of the living expenses from married daughters etc. While time value of money will help when planning is done in our early years, it is also important to plan how the corpus would be spent.


You Need Financial Planning, Because:

1. Increasing costs of living due to inflation

2. Education became expensive

3. Medical treatment became expensive

4. Retirement benefits are uncertain and inadequate

5. Low returns on deposits

6. Greater life expectancy

7. Markets are always volatile

8. Families became nuclear

9. Economic instability increased


Step By Step Process Of Financial Planning To Realize Future Financial Goals:


1. Understanding your needs

2. Analyzing your risk appetite

3. Planning your investments

4. Reviewing the performance of investments

5. Rebalancing the investment portfolio


Need Financial Planning To Meet The Financial Goals You Hope To Achieve, Such As:


1. Cash Flow Management

2. Life Insurance

3. Health Insurance

4. Contingency Funds

5. Social Expenses

6. Tours and travels

7. Taxation

8. Children’s Education

9. Children’s Marriages

10. Vehicles

11. Residential home

12. Business

13. Retirement Planning

14. Estate Planning

15. Donation for a trust


To Do - With Money

1. Invest with strategy to achieve financial goals and adhere to it.

2. Buy adequate personal accident policy.

3. Buy Insurance Products only for Insurance purpose, don’t mix investment with insurance.

4. Buy adequate health insurance product

5. Have proper asset allocation and adhere to it.

6. Buy after you fully satisfied.

7. Buy goal oriented Mutual Fund schemes. (Mutual Funds have many varieties of products.)

8. Invest in Mutual Fund Schemes using SIP /STP.

9. Buy fixed income products for short term to secure your capital.

10. Finally, keep track of performance of your investments & rebalance your portfolio every year.


Not To Do - With Money


1. Do not buy products for obligation.

2. Do not buy products, only because it is very cheap.

3. Do not buy product because it is very expensive.

4. Do not buy products, which claims to generate extraordinary returns.

5. Do not buy products which offer guaranteed returns, as guarantee itself is costly.

6. Do not buy products from employees who are paid incentives on target achievements.

7. Do not buy products from semi-skilled or unskilled agents or part-time advisor.

8. Do not buy equity shares based on tips or without fully conviction about the company.

9. Do not buy option or future, as it may not leave any option for you.

10. Do not buy fixed income products for long term to beat inflation.

11. Do not buy lump sum investment, use SIP / STP facilities to invest.

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